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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Make the most out of Sweden

Ravi Jay: MISI

Misi.se is a "one stop shop" for all international students in Sweden. It is an NGO that aspires to offer a complete guide for international students in Sweden.
URL: MISI home page

MISI Goals;
1. To provide international students with fun, important and practical information about Gothenburg & Sweden.
2. To increase collaborations with all the student unions in Gothenburg and support their marketing campaigns.
3. To create a network for international students in Sweden.
4. To organise activities for the students

Misi.se is also responsible for parts of the student unions marketing and communication to exchange students.


  1. ohhhh this might come in handy... thanks!!

  2. Interesting site. I will go to Goteborg in January and I hope it will be a nice experience.