Ravi Jay: cookieMaster + blindteddybear + Dj aaRJay

Behind the screen

Front and Rear view
First of all, don't tell me 'Sky is the limit' when there are footprints on the moon!
Ravi Jay, Dj aaRJay, bigDaddy etc -- there are several name that I go by. If you know any of those names or perhaps another name, you are right on the money. I’m so glad you clicked on the Info page, even though it was probably by accident. I’ll try my best to make your visit to my profile page totally worth your while.

So, the highlights. If you think someone can’t be defined by 5 bullets, I challenge you to read and see if you don’t feel like we’ve known each other our whole lives.

1) I’m totally unlike any other Business Analyst in that I’m a young adult male. I come from Kerala, which is approximately 1543 Kms from anywhere Useful, Mumbai. We used to have a cricket team, but I think they all died in a horrible KMML explosion or something.

2) I’m pretty much as smart as the guy in Good Will Hunting. What’s that? Good Will Hunting, ya. The movie where the guy gets repeatedly outsmarted by a bear. Oh, really? Oh, oh, that was The Edge. Never saw Good Will Hunting.

2 ) Now, why do you think i have two two's in my list? By the time you've figured that out, you'd know why I chose the nickname 'onedarkzombie' as well. Give it a shot !

4) I throw a Party once or twice every month. Anyone is welcome to come, and I’ve spent more and more money each month making sure the next party is a more amazing event. Recently it’s attracted some pretty high profile people. For example, at the last party, security from all over the area came over and said that they wanted to be only once partying. Kinda selfish of them, but since i'm a nice guy and all, i asked everyone else to leave and let the security and the cops have their way. I think you get the message. I’m kind of a big deal.

5) My name is Ravi Jay, and I always try to remain calm and positive. But since I need some release at times. I play soccer , beach volleyball and guitar, and when I get some free time, I like to pretend to study for my MBA degree at Middlesex University.

So, that’s a little about me. But I want to hear more about you. So tell me a lit- oh, sorry my phone is ringing. OOOH, I have to take that, it’s my accountant- apparently my finances broke his calculator. Something about an “integer underflow error”.


P.S: The password that will get an "accept" for your request is 'Dj aaRJay'