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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chennai Tops group - faces RCB in semi-final

How important was the 19th over bowled by Tsotsobe? How important was saving Murali/Bollinger/Ashwin for the last three overs? How important was bringing in Jakati who took Warriors captain's wicket for Balaji?

The funny thing is, it never once looked like Warriors were playing for 109! Kudos to them for their attitude and it perhaps was what got them over and close to CSK's total.

There are many questions left unanswered; in the end the result of Wednesday's Champions League T20 game is that there is going one IPL team is going to play in Champion's League final. Royal Challengers Bangalore Vs Chennai Super Kings -- now that Durban game is going to be exiting. Will (RCB - Kallis + Peterson perhaps) be up to the task?

A few things that CSK should think about:
1) Sending Srikanth before Kemp -- this was similar to Mumbai Indians holding back Pollard in IPL final.
2) Missing two run out chances in Murali's over -- after which Boucher and Kreusch went nuts.
3) Bollinger over -- having long off up (Botha hit a four there); having a third man in the next ball (Botha hit a four through third men at that time) I am not sure whether Bollinger talking to Kemp helped. again, not sure what happened.
4) Giving Kemp's over to Raina might have backfired (Thank God it didn't) Does Dhoni have trust issues with Kemp?
4) Where is Albie Morkel?
5) Balaji vs Jakati -- Durban suits faster bowlers - who does Dhoni go with ?

Perhaps it is good riddance that South Australian RedBacks is playing Warriors one round too early. The Australian team is looking better at the moment; but you never know. One thing I know for sure -- both semi-finals will be well contested. I for one am rooting for a SAR Vs CSK final -- Cannot wait for what really happens.

P.S: Well done, Mr. Cricket - Michael Hussey. (David will not be too happy with you for sure ;) )

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