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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Afraid of Plagiarism?

Well, who isn't? Are you afraid that the child of your creativity is being abused by someone else who chanced by your website? Are you worried someone is taking away your brainchild and claiming it as their own? Are you worried whether someone has already written the same things you are writing at the moment?

Don't you wish you could stand up and say "YOU SHALL NOT STEAL" just like Gandalf screams "You shall not pass". Hell, I would totally stand and scream it out loud if I had a cool staff like Gandalf.

Fight plagiarism

The point is, if you are worried there are several tools available online using which you may check if your content is present on other websites. I found this tool online; feel free to take a look. I have not tested it extensively and so, I cannot vouch for it. Yet.

So, happy blogging. happy creative writing.

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