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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Commonweath Games debacle

India has an 8% growth in GDP this year and is clearly a world leader in IT.


Water-logged lobbies, leaking roofs, collapsing bridges have made Incredible India a laughing stock in front of the world. CWG2010 should have been something that India could have showcased as a job well done - instead India stands to suffer national embarrassment. A day when the world watched Canadian atheletes clean up their own room in the village, Scots have delayed their departure and other nations have expressed deep concerns and are considering not turning up to the games and pulling out.

Many world famous athletes have pulled out of the Games citing health, sanitation and security concerns. Outbreak of Dengue and attack on a few tourists in Delhi has not helped the cause. Is it bad luck or is it the results of manipulative politics? Whatever it is, India might lose face and risk some serious loss of credibility because of Commonwealth Games 2010.

Tiles fall off, bridges tumble, roof leaks, water logs and athletes scramble away. It is quite unparallel that such an infrastructure project where diabolical amounts of money have been spent  have gone South. Construction standards in India were never great but workers falling off and bridges collapsing and roof leaking -- Who is accountable?

Should India call off CWG Delhi2010?
Is it too late to call it off?


  1. Calling off the Games would be a terrible shame. Running a shoddy show would be horrible.

    Catch 22 much?

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