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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Is being gay a sin?

Are you ready to get a load of this?
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Swedish Salvation Army poster: Keep the pot boiling
An undercover journalist from Swedish TV4’s Kalla Fakta (‘Cold Facts’) investigative news programme used a hidden camera to record his conversation with a leader from one of the country’s Salvation Army (Frälsningsarmén) chapters. “The Salvation Army’s basic position is that homosexual sex is a sin. A man shouldn’t sleep with a man in the way he sleeps with a woman,” the chapter leader told the TV4 reporter in a programme broadcast on May 8, Sunday evening.

Another chapter leader asked God to help free the reporter from his homosexuality.

In an email to TV4, Salvation Army representatives said the exchange was likely due to “a few personal views from a few chapter leaders”.
In subsequent email messages, Kalla Fakta pressed the Salvation Army to explain why the Junior Soldier’s Promise lesson book includes passages saying that children and young people should learn that homosexuality is wrong.

The Salvation Army responded that the material is “outdated in its entirety and is in the process of being reviewed and updated”.
According to Kalla Fakta, the Salvation Army developed an ethics document in 1996 which established that people who live as homosexuals can’t be soldiers in the Salvation Army.

The document was changed this year and no longer includes the text about homosexuality.

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