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Sunday, May 8, 2011

BodyPopping Michael Moral

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When I saw Haspop, I thought he was good --- and in comes Razi Gogonea. Now, Michael Moral -- he is definitely one of the best I've ever seen. Now, Razi Gogonea has got a stiffer challenge in the competition. 

21-year-old dance teacher Michael watches Britain's Got Talent on YouTube in his home country of France and has always dreamed of having the opportunity of performing for the Royal Family. Making the long trip to Birmingham from the south of France - Michael has come, along with his translator, to share his incredible dancing moves with the judges. After just a few seconds of bumps and grinds, it's clear that Michael knows how to move! Will his journey to Britain, in the hopes that he'll be able to perform his fantastic talent at the Royal Variety, be dashed or will his cool moves win over the British crowd?

But will he be accepted by the public? Will Britons vote for a French guy for the winner of Britain's Got Talent? Either way, this is proof that France has got talent! =)

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