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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Susan Boyle Vs Michael Collings

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Susan Boyle Vs Michael Collings
The author Daniella Graham from MetroTV has classified this 'head to head' per say in three categories:
1) Style
2) Likelihood of playing Glastonbury
3) Long term career prospects.
She feels that while Susan has Michael beat on Style after her style makeover, Michael has Susan beat on possibilities on playing on Glastonbury. Although Susan has sold over 9M copies of her album 'I dreamed a dream', she has primarily appealed to the mature crowds -- moms -- to be exact. Michael Collings on the other hand has prospects of appealing to a younger crowd with his very unique voice.

As further evidence that Susan boyle (SuBo) is here to stay, the singer now has her own waxwork at Madame Tussaud's -- -that is amazing. Fast Car has already shot back up the iTunes chart on the back of Michael's popularity, and Collings is being named as a favourite to win the show. But with so many male singers already on the pop scene, his long-term career prospects are uncertain.

Winner: Susan Boyle has proved she has sticking power – but we wouldn't bet against Michael enjoying a similar level of success

Overall Winner: It's close, but Susan Boyle wins 2-1.
Adaptation Courtesy: MetroTV


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