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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What is Vishing and how to stay protected?

Vishing, is also one of the types of Phishing attacks made using the practice of social engineering over the telephone system. Vishing, too follows the same principle of fooling people and gaining their important details like PIN and bank information.
Vishing is the combination of the terms “Voice” and “Phishing” as it incorporates the use of voice for phishing people.

How does it work?
The attackers call the people with some prior information about them and act to be some official people from some organization, thereby asking for your other personal information. The little information that they have like your birth date etc is enough to break your trust and fool you, as the users feel that they are some officials only.
If the user gets caught in their web, then they asks them for their personal information like bankaccount number, PIN etc and may also provide you some fake webpage asking you to pay certain amount to keep your account running. The attackers call from some number that is not easy to detect even from the Caller ID facility.

How to stay protected?
Well, since this fraud happens over phone there is no software that can help you, and you will haveto keep yourself safe by yourself. Stay cautious if you receive any call from an unknown number, or from someone asking your private information whether or not they claim to belong from some organization.
If you are having some doubt about the identity of the caller, then you should call the official number of the organization from the statements/bill etc but not the number provided by them.

Courtesy: QbOhayo


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