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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

UK Post-study work (PSW) visa - Final verdict

So, yes -- the final verdict is out. Students cannot apply for post-study work visa after April 2012. Normally, current master students should be fine as they would apply before that date.

Over the last few posts we have been following the developments from the “no change” to today’s shock announcement. The opportunity to gain real work experience in the UK after graduation has been a major incentive for many students I have spoken to about their decision to study in the UK. The scrapping of PSW has changed everything.

The announcement indicates that another aspect of the international student experience, the ability to work part-time, will remain although there will be restrictions on non-course related placements. This at least means that students can continue to develop their employability whilst in the UK and aim to compete with EU students for graduate jobs (sponsored) afterward.

According to the Summary document, the Post Study Work visa route will close to applicants from April 2012. There will be no restriction on those who apply under Tier 2 and the Government has announced its intention to support entrepreneurs.

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  1. That's sad to know. I have got an offer letter from Glasgow university for Master's program starting in sept. 2011. However, due to these PSW changes, I will not be able to work there, and will not be able to gain relevant experience for my master's program. Moreover majority of jobs in UK require experience. Seems like left in lurch with no other alternative, than to quit the program. Heart-Broken!!!