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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My salary -- It is awesome. NOT!

Would you lie about your salary when asked for a figure during an interview? If your answer is YES, you are probably one of 23% candidates out there who go out on a limb and lie hoping that your new employer would never find out. The trouble is that your new employer would probably call your references and check it out anyway. So, does lying help?

If your answer is NO, you probably have not thought this through. Think again.

Would you talk about your total compensation (including your bonus, PF, Gratuity etc) or just give them the correct take home package? You are probably wondering how relevant this is. Actually, if you think about it, your current salary has everything to do with your new pay package -- Hard to digest -- well, believe it!

So, what do you do?
Negotiate! Negotiate! Negotiate!

Is it as easy as it sounds though?

Be realistic about your number -- better still, come up with a range. Talk about how you will fit the role perfectly and how your education has better prepared you. However, if the employer is playing hard ball -- introduce bonus options for working on vacations, long hours etc.

Either way, be better prepared with your numbers.
After all, it is all about selling yourself!

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