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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Peter Day at Middlesex University

Peter Day (born 1947) is a broadcaster on BBC Radio 4 and the BBC World Service. He attended Lincoln School, at the time a boys-only grammar school, from 1957-64 as a boarder. His father was a manager with Midland Bank (became HSBC in 1999) in Lincolnshire (Horncastle and Gainsborough). He studied English at St Edmund Hall, Oxford. He was trained on the International Publishing Corporation (Daily Mirror Group) newspaper training scheme in south Devon. He worked at the Daily Record from 1970-4 in Glasgow.

Yesterday (November 16,2010), Peter Day was at Middlesex University  as part of distinguished lecture series and to be honest, it was really enjoyable. The name of the session was "The world turned upside down and he started the discussion with soundtrack of "World turned upside down". Peter went on to talk about the panoramic view at Ching Dao which was the source of epiphany. The view included crates of raw materials(iron ore) that were on one end of the visibility spectrum and on the other end, there were crates of finished goods. This woke him up to the fact that the China was on their way back to world dominance. He mentioned that it was 'painful' to see it. I hope it was a purely personal opinion because one billion Chinese people surely will not think that the resurgence of China is painful.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Before and after Microsoft!

How many of you have seen this wallpaper before?

Microsoft; before microsoft' before windows; Ravi Jay
Bliss wallpaper

Let me ask again. How many of you know the story of this wallpaper?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

READ International charity fundraiser at Middlesex University



Read International Society
C/O Middlesex University
Students’ Union
 Hendon, London
 NW4 4BT
Coordinator: Karlis Albergs

Dear Sir/Madam,

READ International is a multi-award winning charity dedicated to improving access to education across the globe. READ International coordinates groups of student volunteers in universities across the UK  to collect books and raise funds to help achieve this aim. We are proud to showcase that to date; 850 000 books were sent to Tanzania alone.
This year, we a team of Middlesex University students are organising a book collection and fundraising event, for which we need your valuable support. The activities are two fold:

Firstly, as Abraham Lincoln once said “The things I want to know are in books; my best friend is the man who’ll get me a book I ain’t read”. Everyone has books at home and perhaps some of them are gathering a bit of dust and are no longer needed. We are, therefore, appealing to you to give your books a second life. By doing so, you will bring joy, knowledge and a better future to a lot of students in East Africa.

Secondly, we are organising a chairty fundraising event in the second week of December at Middlesex University’s Hendon Campus. The main attraction of this event is an auction and we would appreciate your support with it. To make the event a success, we will need fun and quality products and this is where we hope you will contribute.

We believe that your benevolence will add to overall quality of the event.

Faithfully yours,

Read International Society